Saturday, January 13, 2007

Convert Flash Video (.flv) to AVI (.avi) or MPEG (.mpg) -

Convert Flash Video (.flv) to AVI (.avi) or MPEG (.mpg) - "Convert Flash Video (.flv) to AVI (.avi) or MPEG (.mpg)

Hitrec at VideoHelp forum introduces a software called RivaFLVencoder which able you to convert .flv files (Flash Video) into avi and mpg files. This is extremely useful when you download youtube or google videos and you don’t like it play in flv player. With this conversion, you can play google videos in many systems, such as iPod Video. One catch: Most of the time, audio can be transcoded to the target format. However sometimes audio codec cannot not be transcoded, you can follow this instruction to mux that back into the target file:

… It’s possible that the .flv contains an audiocodec that will not be transcoded. A solution for that is to play the original .flv and record the audio with Audacity (for instance) and to mux that recording with the .avi or .mpg you get from Riva…"

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