Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Be Afraid Microsoft… Be VERY Afraid

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Well it looks like Google is back up to it with the pre-pre-release of Google Spreadsheets . Given the fact that I haven't gotten into the preview yet I can't say from personal experience but this looks like a killer app (literally and figuratively).

Particularly intriguing about this offering is the heavy focus on collaboration, something that feels oddly missing from the recent Google Notebook. So far I really like what I see in the works and I hope Google brings this approach to all their applications.

Many have said but none have been able to prove that Google is writing a web-based office suite that would compete with Microsoft, the first move was their acquisition of Writely, and now this. Google has positioned itself with a partial office suite that would easily compete with Microsoft. Let's review:

  • Gmail + Calendar + Chat + Notebook = MS Outlook
  • Writely = MS Word
  • Google Spreadsheets = MS Excel
  • Google Pages = MS Frontpage
The only things that I see are a presentation package, a database package, and a flowchart package. I don't doubt those are in the works. Go Google! I do hope I get into the alpha soon…


  1. I'm on the preview. It has everything apart from Macros. However recently I've learnt that almost everything done in macros can be done in functions some how.

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