Tuesday, June 13, 2006

How? Connect from ORACLE Developer to ORACLE Database????


H r u?

Just I'll write how you can connect ORACLE database with ORACLE Developer?

When u use SQL Plus and don't have any problem, and u wanna install developer(Forms & Reports), u cannot connect to the same Database.

The first:

You must have the same NLS_LANGUAGE in two home (DB, Dev).


Go to Registry Editor: Start -> Run -> regedit ->

Search about "NLS_LANG" and change its value to "AMERICAN_AMERICA.AR8MSWIN1256" to you can write and retrieve Arabic, and search another time else "not found".

The second:

Search about file "tnsnames.ora", we will found more than one file.

You'll find it in


\NETWORK\ADMIN depend on ver.
= ORACLE Database Dir., or ORACLE Dev. Dir., or Another ORACLE ...

In this file will find statement like this:

1- ORA10 =


3- (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = = 1521))

4- )



7- )

8- )

1-Connect string SID: use it to connect to database scott/tiger@ORA10 , you can write anything.

3-somehost : IP Address or computer name where have database.

6-Service_Name: name of database.

Add a copy of previous text and change some data and save it and try to connect to the database.

Note: Save Original file before you change.
If you want to connect from all ORACLE Application to the same database you will have the same content of " tnsnames.ora" file.
Each ORACLE Application have "tnsnames.ora" file.

In another version you will see another schema but the same concept, please try it and return me what the result.

Good Luck.

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